Blogging additional paternity leave and beyond!!

Paternity Leave Laws Change Today

Tweet A great idea if this suits your domestic and financial situation, I’m 7 weeks into additional paternity leave and loving every minute of it!

Good news for dads – parental leave rules are changing

Tweet Good news for dads – parental leave rules are changing. Originally from Tots100. Great news for dads to be, I`m 5 weeks into additional paternity leave and loving it!!  

My 10 minute love affair with the TV!

Tweet Once upon a time I enjoyed a great relationship with my TV, spending most evenings in front of it watching some drama or other. We used to love the apprentice, I’m a celebrity and the occasional sports game. Then…
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Additional paternity leave, why do it? and why not?

Tweet Hi, I am writing this as someone who last worked 4 weeks ago today as I have started additional paternity leave to look after our daughter. So what is APL? In a nut shell its when the mother goes…
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A Third of Working Dads Can’t Afford to Take Paternity Leave

Tweet Some interesting but not surprising stats in this article…..very relevant to me in my current position of being daddy day care!

Heisenberg, weaning and cereal..

Tweet Weaning has begun at home, so what have we learnt so far? I had a sober insight into parenthood two nights ago as I stood blending Sweet potato I had cooked earlier, as I measured out exact portions into…
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Rhythm and Rhyme for the first time..

Tweet Hi, What an exciting first week on additional paternity leave we have had. We had our first solo rhythm and rhyme session with the little lady last week and do you know what? Despite my reservations prior to going,…
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In the beginning..

Tweet Hi, I suppose best start at the beginning. I am a first time father in Northern Ireland with a 6 month old daughter. I recently joined the exclusive club of the 2% of eligible fathers who take additional paternity…
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