Those heart stopping baby moments…….and the comical..

Those heart stopping baby moments…….and the comical..

As parents we have all had those moments when your baby literally stops your heart..

I’m not talking about the obvious cute babble, looks, words or actions which can be heart warming whilst taking you breath away, I’m talking the moments when you quite literally stop breathing for a second when things maybe have went wrong..

An example would be when your baby first comes home and you stare at the monitor at night panicking when you don’t hear/see movement, or when they get older and you are weaning and they start to cough (even though you know their food has been boiled/cooked to death, mashed,pureed and that process repeated again and again)then the coughing stops and they smile at you having just taken in too much..

Then you have the car one minute they are sound asleep and they suddenly wake up screaming and you panic thinking what`s the  matter with them, are they in pain/stuck/uncomfortable? Not easy to access when you are on a never-ending motorway so your panic is extended.

Or the moment you leave them in their high chair/play mobile and you hear a thud, the split second panic sets in as you turn around or rush in thinking they have fallen, only to see they have thrown the toys or distractions as I call them out of the pram to coin a phrase.

For me however I had a completely different heart stopping moment today when I was home alone with my little one, I started to hear a voice in the distance in the room, thinking I was going mad I looked down and saw the red end call button lit up on my mobile. For yes not only had my 8 month old managed to unlock my mobile but also managed to make a call unwittingly………had she called the police/emergency services? had she called a director in work? had she called my wife?

All not very appealing and all managed to run around my head several times during the few seconds it took me to reach down and get my phone back. She had called one of my friends who had recently had a baby and saw the funny side, for me I have now changed the security settings on my phone and got her a toy mobile to amuse her, it’s not catching on though, why would it when it cost £5 and you have played with a £600 phone?

The warning signs had been there when my wife`s phone started up in Spanish a few days previous, I think we have found the culprit for that one!

I now have my breath back and my youngest receptionist is now redundant, still smiling though….



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