The complexities and pitfalls of choosing a name for your baby..

The complexities and pitfalls of choosing a name for your baby..

Having been recently inspired by a blog by Dad Life below I began to think about the journey to naming a child,

Dad Life looks at the different names we acquire as we grow through life and what this entails, I started right from the start. So you are going to be parents, “any names in mind” is usually one of the first questions. Then the process of choosing sometimes follows a course similar to this,

You gather your own thoughts with your partner and keep them private, after all your child is going to be stuck with your choice for all of their lives.

People give you their ideas on what they think is a great name for your child (sometimes welcome, sometimes not)

People may tell you that you may wish to choose a family name i.e. grandfather, aunt, deceased relative etc….( again may not be welcome by all and can add pressure to you at a stressful enough time)

You get confused by all of the above and buy books (This one confuses and frustrates me, why do you need a book for inspiration for something so personal!?!?)

For my part I had two extra complications, myself and my wife. I work for a huge retailer and have encountered many, many great and not so great people along the way. What I  find is that I like the names of the good people (honest, hard working, genuine) and am not keen on the names of people who I have had bad experiences with, maybe have given me grief, been dismissed etc..

My wife being a teacher for many years associates children`s names with past pupils, again some maybe bring back not so great memories!!

Taking all of this into consideration really helped us bring our list down to the bare minimum, and even that took plenty of negotiation between us. We were lucky in that we felt our baby really suited the name we had chosen when she arrived, some people change when they actually see the baby.

My advice is simple, take all of the advice you can and read what you may but ultimately make YOUR own mind up free from friends and extended family, after all this is now YOUR family 🙂


3 thoughts on “The complexities and pitfalls of choosing a name for your baby..

  1. I remember the “naming game” somewhat discouraged my partner at first because between the two of us, there were so many “rules” that by the time we were both down to our limited list of names, it took some negotiation to find a handful that we both agreed on. We were lucky that my son’s name “fit” him perfectly. As for my daughter, we settled on a name, but when she was born, I just didn’t find that it suited her. Since my partner was adamant about the name we picked, that is the name she received, but for the first couple of weeks, I kept calling her something else!

  2. I can imagine that this will be SO difficult when I have children of my own. I have names in mind, but there are just so many choices. I will remember your advice when the time comes, to make the decision entirely my own.Thank you! 🙂

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