The blogging 101 reminder and the Kickstart I need!

The blogging 101 reminder and the Kickstart I need!


Having put today’s date in my diary as the start of blogging 101, which I have never used before, I was both excited and nervous to see it pop up as a reminder on  my phone.  My excitement came form another blogger recommending it as a great way to reach out to more people and increase traffic to my content.

Now the nervousness or anxiety I had when I saw the reminder appeared. The reason I am blogging is that I became a stay at home dad taking advantage of the novelty of additional paternity leave which is now available to new dads in the UK. Its all explained in my original post on 6th November.

In the beginning..

Being a new and indeed first tome dad and having worked in retail for the past 11 years I guess I became engrossed in the season of goodwill like never before as I had always either worked or been child free, the year for us as a family was EPIC! And that is where my anxiety came from this morning as I realised I had neglected my blog completely over the past few weeks, I thought……what if people aren`t interested anymore, have I let my followers down? Should I just give up blogging?

I decided to use 101 as a platform to relaunch and keep my blogging dream alive. Why and what for I thought? One of the prompts in the 101 e mail was why blog rather than journal? I am blogging for my daughter to chronicle my experiences of being her dad in the first few months and maybe even years if successful, I’m also blogging to keep my own sanity and to give me a focus in my current workplace free environment.

What do I want to achieve in the next year? Simple, to keep blogging and engaging with other bloggers, sharing experiences and tales to enlighten the late night changes and feeds. I cant promise a new years resolution style statement of 1 or 2 posts per day/week, I have an 8 month old who needs to be watched constantly on was she ventures everywhere!


I can only promise to blog when its relevant and worthwhile to my followers and to me.

Thank you


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