The big personal Facebook and blog dilemma!

The big personal Facebook and blog dilemma!

Almost one year on from my blogging debut I am beginning to rethink one of my decisions from when I began. That is that I am now considering whether or not I was right when I decided not to promote/share my blog on my own personal Facebook page? Why did I do that, what was I afraid of?

Where it all began..

Well I’m not sure to be honest, I think that at the time, like many I’m sure, I started by dipping my toes into the blogging world and didn`t mayeb want my “friends” to see me failing t something. for me it was an anxious enough time s ai began my journey of additional paternity leave. There may have also been an element of doubt as to how my friends may have received my blog, would it be mocked? Ridiculed? warmly received? That was a chance I was certainly not willing to take, at that time!

As I have spent recent days updating my photos on my posts it has got me thinking, why wouldn`t I share my blog with my friends? What is the worst that can happen as Dr Pepper would have advised? I then reviewed my Facebook of recent months and it occurred to me that there is more chance of people being offended by its content than by my blog content, after all it focuses on parenting and soon to be  a SAHD again following the birth of Niamh, I’m sure together Sarah and Niamh will be driving me mad and generating a lot of content for me as a blogger.


I am now of the opinion that if I am sharing my blog on a blog Facebook page, twitter etc.. then why would I exclude an audience of people who actually know me and my circumstances if I leave it wide open to complete strangers? And so what if it`s mocked, that’s what the term “Facebook cull” was invented for, wasn`t it?

I suppose what I’m asking for is opinion from people who have had experience of this, did it work, did it not? Please share your thoughts…



9 thoughts on “The big personal Facebook and blog dilemma!

  1. Why were you afraid bud? As you say, most of your FB friends know you, many folk who follow a blog do not know the blogger personally. No need to be/have been worried. And anyway, you’ve one life, do what YOU feel is right for YOU. To pot with everyone else! 🙂

    1. Cheers mate. Probably fear of the unknown, both with blogging and taking additional paternity. Some good advice, will do what’s right for me moving forward! Once I fix all my links I’ll get it over to Facebook..chuffty..

  2. It took me a while but I ended up setting up a separate Facebook page for the blog. Three main reasons:

    1. Because some of the posts I write aren’t necessarily of interest to FB friends (I write about the experience of being a blogger, for instance), I link all posts to my blog page but only selected ones to my personal feed. I also link up other people’s posts to my blog page that I wouldn’t link to my personal feed (and vice versa).

    2. Anyone can see and follow my FB page, without having to friend me first.

    3. Pages allow you to do a lot more – you can analyse who is following your page, see which posts are most popular in terms of views (not just likes and comments) and you can also promote posts or advertise your page to attract new readers/followers.

    It’s not for everyone, but there are definite reasons why having a separate page is a good thing for many bloggers. You just have to decide whether it’s worth the bother of gaving both personal and blog accounts.

    1. Thanks as always Tim. I have a page but find Facebook engagement quite difficult so was debating promoting my page via my personal page then maybe that will drive traffic to my blog, great advice as always, thanks.

  3. Actually I noticed that I get a good bit of traffic from the social media networks. I share on both my personal Facebook page and the page I created for the blog. Plus on Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. I often share the pics on Pinterest. I get good traffic from Pinterest.

  4. I’ve gone through the same thought process. I’ve got a Facebook page for my blog, but don’t publish it on my personal page. I have gone through the fear of “what will my friends think?” My plan is to start pushing out some content to my personal Facebook page, and request that friends like my blog page. I’m assuming my friends and family are more likely to share my content with others and the more people I can reach, the more people that may find some use in what I’m publishing.

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