The best lies our children tell..

The best lies our children tell..

They don’t know they’re doing it most of the time but children have an incredible knack of telling lies. Got me thinking what are the most common lies they tell so I started a list ..

“I don’t need to go to the toilet” . Yes the old classic, you know that within the first mile in the car they’ll need the loo. Taking the P, quite literally!

“It wasn’t me” yes another corker, usually heard as they hold something they’ve just broken.

“I haven’t done anything”
Sometimes said without prompting which means you will soon discover exactly what they have done.

“I don’t know who wrote on the wall”. As I know from many crayon/marker incidents in recent years.

“Daddy, she/he pushed me!” When they’ve actually just fallen over their own feet

“I can’t find it, I’ve looked everywhere” Most commonly heard when shoes are missing.

“Yes dad you can eat that I don’t want it anymore” usually followed by screams as you eat it.

“Mummy/daddy said I can” Likelihood is they didn’t

“No I didn’t fart” Sometimes the pet can be blamed on this too.

“I’m not tired” A nightly favourite, bring in the darker evenings.

“I’m full” Usually followed by a miraculous return of hunger when dessert arrives.

What ones have I missed? What do you hear in your house?


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