Thank funk it`s Friday!!

Thank funk it`s Friday!!

Well hello 👋.. Its been a while, its been a long long while.. But I’m back..

So you may remember my previous post about my redundancy, Redundancy, but you have a young family!

Well I’m pleased to report that I have started a new career within the public sector working Monday to Friday 9 to 5, or utopia as retail workers call it! So that’s where I’ve been and you know what? I’d forgotten how it felt to work full time with young children.

The last time I was full time was just over two years ago before I started shared parental leave with Niamh, of course we now have Ava too.

So as I’m now 12 weeks into the real world of work let’s look at my reflections.

The benefits are,

It’s normal hours, and by this I mean not only the pattern but also the unwritten need to work excessively. More time to spend with family ✅

It’s flexible, with three kids four and under, there’ll always be events, appointments, accidents etc.. ✅

It’s interesting work and gives me my sense of worth/job satisfaction back ✅

The drawbacks,

Having been on part time hours or shared parental leave for the past few years it’s tough, going out every day and leaving them, especially in this weather! ⚠ (although this could also be a benefit)

The milestones that will be missed. If Ava could just hold off on walking and talking until after 5pm ( and before 11 pm) that would be great!

All in all though it’s great to be back and I’ll be posting soon about my blogger envy!



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