Rhythm and Rhyme for the first time..

Rhythm and Rhyme for the first time..

Hi, What an exciting first week on additional paternity leave we have had.

We had our first solo rhythm and rhyme session with the little lady last week and do you know what? Despite my reservations prior to going, it wasn’t actually too bad!

I had a fine Balance to achieve, too early and I’m sitting making small talk for longer than necessary, too late and I’m plunged into a seat good knows where, where I may be forced into potentially awkward pleasantries.

As it turns out I want the only male, there was another father and also a grandfather which reassured me, even though I didn’t get to speak to them. I did however feel welcomed by some of the mothers.

As for the class itself I didn’t feel it was massively beneficial for a six month old but she seemed to enjoy it with our hand clapping and singing. She also enjoyed watching the other kids, some of whom are hilarious putting on the little hats to match the songs.

Maybe I led a sheltered life but I actually found out educational, who knew the bus with the wheels going round had so many passengers.

One concern I did pick up however is that we are sitting as parents with our children, some coughing and sneezing in a small room which is pretty hot in the middle of winter. Surely that’s a recipe for spreading viruses.

Will I be back? Why yes of course, I’m already booked for this week, although I may bring a breathing mask!

Am I now brave enough to take a mother and toddler group? Not so much..


4 thoughts on “Rhythm and Rhyme for the first time..

  1. The thing to remember about classes like those is exposure. Depending on the noise level, it can also help her get used to loud noises and particular types of music. It also helps them develop socially with that type of exposure, even if they are only 6 months. As long as she seems to be enjoying herself, keep going.

    1. Thanks, went back yesterday and sat beside the ladies who run the session. My daughter loved it muttering along and laughing with them. She also paid a lot of attention to another toddler, maybe only a few months older who has started crawling, she was fixated and I fear now its only a matter of time before she starts to crawl!

      1. For babies if they see someone else (aka another baby) do it, they’re gonna try too. Also places like that are more for parents than babies to meet other parents. It also teaches new parents how to interact with their new child. So youre doing great by paying attention to her behavior and what draws her own focus. By 6mo they should be able to sit up grab things, major muscle use not fine muscle use white with fingers, and focus as well as learning to play

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