Rhythm and Rhyme after such a long time!

Rhythm and Rhyme after such a long time!

After 11 months away from my daughter’s first rhythm and Rhyme classMy first trip to Rhythm and Rhyme! I finally made it back this week with two children in tow. I couldn’t believe the change in the short space of time, now let’s paint a picture last time Sarah was 9 months and crawling around the room whilst I jumped every time any other child came near her, we usually just sat meekly in the corner, chatting politely and going through the motions slapping her hands as required apart from the one time  which  didn’t work out so well Rhythm and Rhyme at the wrong time! 

This time however was a whole new ballgame, Sarah is now 20 months and it appears is the star of the show. Instead of passively hiding in the corner it is only me who hides while she run straight to the front of the class to be the first to get the attention and ownership of the hats when songs require hats such as “how much is that doggie”, she also constantly chats her own gibberish with the two ladies who holds the class, in fairness they make an effort to understand whilst I apologise to one  and all for her antics

I do believe however that this will work wonders for her younger 4 months old sister who sits on my knee and giggles at her older sibling who is now one of the children  I would  have feared  last year treading on the younger kids, One thing I’m pretty sure I won’t have to worry about in the future is Sarah’s confidence when it comes to going to school and nursery. It seems we have had a role reversal in the 11 months, Sarah is now the sociable partner whilst I shrink back into my shell embarrassed but also extremely proud of her outgoing nature and interaction with everyone in the room.


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  1. Go you taking the two with you to Durham and rhyme! I have yet to brave it – I’m afraid the baby will cry and while I’m tending to him the other will run off! Do many dads go? I’ve only seen one at our rhythm and rhyme over the years – I’m sure even doing things like that can be a bit daunting for a stay at home dad. Well done im sure you’re daughter will meet lots of new friends and hopefully you will too!

    1. Thanks Fionnuala, yeah I have the dread of Sarah running of whilst I tend to Niamh but so far so good. They both love it which is why I go and you’re right they learn so much fron the other kids, it’s great! You do get the occasional male but not many, in fairness everyone is very welcoming. You should give it a go sometime..:-)

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