Rhythm and Rhyme after such a long time (Moving forward, aesthetically anyway!)

Rhythm and Rhyme after such a long time (Moving forward, aesthetically anyway!)

Having been off the agenda for quite some time due to refurbishment of my local library I returned to the rhythm and rhyme playgroup today after a 15 month exile. This could be the end of the rhythm and rhyme trilogy but with baby number 3 on the way I don’t think so. Having originally attended this playgroup 3 years ago My first visit to Rhythm and Rhyme I had to wait from June 2016 to go back due to a multi million upgrade.

I must admit it now looks fantastic and more equipped for this century with its large touchscreen akin to a teachers whiteboard relaying the words of the Rhymes for the kids ( and adults who quite often sing the wrong words I have just found out, thank god I was lip syncing!). The rest of the library has been kitted out with large comfortable seating, electronic doors, fresh paint and a larger floor space due to a garage conversion.

Now with it being so new and not having been there for a while I had no apprehension going especially when the staff remembered me when booking. But, and this I feel is important, I was still the only male there which earned a few unnerving glances from some of the other parents attending. So whilst the library has moved on decades with the makeover I feel the culture around dads being the stay at home parent still hasn`t moved since my first visit 3 years ago.  I`m sure they will get used to me as I will be attending with Niamh, seen here with her cute sheep mask on, and then the third baby in a few months.

Rhythm and Rhyme playgroup

Lets hope I avoid any mishaps A bad day at the playgroup! whilst we all settle back in to our term time routine.

Any other dads go to Rhythm and Rhyme or similar playgroups?




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