Responsibility for irresponsible parenting?

Responsibility for irresponsible parenting?

So when do you step in?
Keeping a watchful eye on our children 24/7 is tough, I think we would all agree on that. They move with lighting pace (apart from when you’re in a rush) and in a blink of an eye they’re away leaving you in a blind panic. They also don’t have much sense and will often find themselves in an equal amount of funny and potentially dangerous situations.

What prompted this you ask? Well I was at the playground this week and noticed a child, probably about two and a half climbing up quite a steep slide. I noticed this as my two were at the top of the slide trying to come down. I looked around for the patent/guardian and saw a young man sitting watching something on his phone about 100 metres​ away. Thinking ok he’s saw me looking at him, saw his child going backwards up the slide and will come over or at least call his child.

Not a chance, he returned to watching his phone! After I had loudly said to my two “wait there until the girl turns around” , which thankfully they did and thankfully she did after I had spoken to my two again and again. Throughout my frustrated but polite calls the father/guardian sat uninterested watching his phone. I look back and wonder should I have approached and asked him to move his child? How would I feel if someone did that to me? (Ok I reckon and probably a little embarrassed)

What is she had fallen? Of course I would try to catch the child had she fallen but I wasn’t going to directly tell her to move, that just feels wrong and I feel would have sent a wrong message to my children who were watching. But if we take this train of thought to the next level we could look at toddler groups, I attend a few. Of course kids fall and bicker occasionally at these things but how many times do you see a shocked parent reacting only after their child starts to cry or when someone points out that their child is crying? I`m all for letting them enjoy themselves and feel 100% that they should be able to learn from the little experiences they have growing up but I do feel its wrong that more often than not it feels parents react to the issue rather than being proactive and anticipating issues/falls etc..

Now dont get me wrong I`m not perfect and I would glance at my phone when a text or e mail comes through but I consciously only glance, not only because I want to give my kids my full attention but also because I want to enjoy the time and experience with them! So I guess what I am left wondering is when do you call out bad parenting and if you are brave enough to do it how do you approach it?


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