Parenting and building work, a labour of love!

Parenting and building work, a labour of love!

We all know the drill (no pun intended), you’re getting work done to the house. We know it’s going to be messy, loud and expensive, just like having young children around really!

So let’s have a look as I reflect on the recent extension we had built and review some key learnings from a parents viewpoint..

The noise. Oh good God, WHY DID WE START THIS, the workmen are starting at 7.30 every day. It’s the summer, the kids are just getting into a nice routine which occasionally afforded us a lie in past 7 am and BANG, well bang bang bang crash (and repeat) to be precise, and it’s gone. After the initial pain the noise was no worse than a normal day with a 2 and 3 year old, apart from having to turn the volume up so loud on Mr Tumble that the TV pleaded with us to stop otherwise our hearing may be damaged!

The mess. A Peppa paradise with plenty of muck on the outside at the start followed by layers of dust on the inside near the finish. And to think I thought cleaning up some escaping pasta or melting Ice cream was a pain. This was a whole new ball game. (I must confess I missed most of this clean up due to being at work, thank God!) On a serious note however we needed to ensure the kids were away the day they knocked through the outside wall into the living room as it must have been like a desert storm in Kuwait the amount of dust it generated.

The confinement. Yes, nothing beats a summer when you can’t use your garden, not that the Northern Irish weather afforded us much sunshine but when it did come we couldn’t go out the back and play without risking serious injury. So it was off to the crowded park to get someĀ  welcome respite. Then being told we needed to wait in every day for different tradesmen to arrive was the final straw. You know what, I’m out of here, take the key, enjoy, if you’re bored clean up some of the dust!

The privacy. When you have kids who like to prance around in various states of dressed/undressed it becomes vital that you keep them in the safe zone upstairs until it is time to unleash them fully clothed on the unsuspecting workforce. I however didn’t fare so well as I wandered downstairs early one Friday morning to unset the alarm before heading back to bed. I had of course forgotten that our patterned large stair window had been replaced temporarily with a clear glass window I think I’ve scarred my neighbor for life.

The result. Well what can I say, the kids love it (I am a tad jealous). They are starting to enjoy their own playroom and carefully take out and put away their toys most days whilst we are now starting to tread without fear of hidden toys around the rest of the house. Whilst a pain during the work I must admit I’m delighted it’s finished as it will provide a play area for Sarah, Niamh and or new arrival until such time as they outgrow it.

Then I’m thinking it could be my man cave, or a bar, or even better let’s just call it daddy’s playroom!


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