My statistical stay at home dad summary!

My statistical stay at home dad summary!

Have had a rough two weeks to be honest and this post has been pending during that time, few domestic issues and a baby who has not slept well with her teeth and a cold/flu……..what is sleep?!? Anyway on we go……..

As I approach the end of my 16 weeks being a stay at home Dad to Sarah before becoming a working dad I thought I would capture some of the highlights in number form, feel free to click the links included which helped my reflection,

1 broken bone in hand (now healed but proved a challenge with an 8 month old )

16 weeks being a stay at home dad.

112 days away from work.

13 rhythm and rhyme classes (after much scepticism, 2 missed at Christmas and 1 with broken hand, above)

1000 nappies changed (rough estimate, certainly felt like it!)

1/2 a stone gained in weight. (not sure how with the above output!)

4 new teeth for Sarah, ouch. (None for me)

Countless hours sleep lost (especially with above)

100 miles walked together (Sarah mostly slept whilst I pounded the beat)

2 Audiobooks listened to.

11 years worth waiting for to have a Christmas off work in retail.

1 car seat group moved up into.

Comical moments, countless,

3 new words spoken (gaga, papa, mama) along with never ending mumbles

The time we had together to bond… PRICELESS!

1 little cheery face I will miss during the day


What  happens now with me going back to work full time,into a demanding role in quite a period of transition, no one knows. I want to keep my blogging journey around fatherhood going and that is what I will aspire to do,


Thanks for reading 🙂



4 thoughts on “My statistical stay at home dad summary!

  1. Hope you’re able to keep going. When you write it down like that, it must make you realise how much you’ve done in the past 16 weeks. I guess it must be a bittersweet transition to know you’re going back to work?

    1. Thanks, It’s tough Tim, no doubt about it but writing it down makes it easier as I can reflect on our time bonding which I will never regret. The giddyness when I get home now is awesome..

    1. Thanks, yeah it was a brilliant time and it’s only when I reflect back I realise how much we did together and how she grew, I’m sure as she continues to grow the tales and stories will continue into my blog which was a great tool to chronicle the journey. Thanks again..

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