My perfectly imperfect blog and blogging envy!

My perfectly imperfect blog and blogging envy!


During my time away from blogging there were a few issues which affected me coming back. Firstly there was web hosting service shutting my blog down due to high data usage, ironic in that it wasn’t actually active at the time. Fixed that then there was a virus on my blog so it was shut down again, seriously, it was more hassle when I left it inactive than it was even I was using it.. Maybe it’s like a human, the more docile you become the more problems you start to develop. So on that note let’s look at another deterrent I had whilst on sebaticle, the green eyed monster.

So what’s this about blogger envy? I have touched on this before inĀ Is blogging achievable with 3 kids?

At the start of my prolonged absence from blogging someone pointed me to a blogging guru during a conversation. “why can’t you have trillions of Instagram followers like them” There it was, someone had said it. My blogs rubbish, worse than rubbish, pointless! Well it’s not that simple really, my life is real, it’s not a perfect canvas from a Next catalogue where everything is staged within an inch of its life. As our house is cleaned the kids are coming behind messing it up. And as for the kids, if I could get them to stand still for more than a few seconds to capture a photo never mind a perfect photo that would be a miracle as witnessed by my perfectly imperfect photo below.

Now let’s be clear, I’ve nothing against these perfect blogs and bloggers but they’ve helped me realise that I’m never going to reach that level of bloggery for various reasons. Primarily I live in the real world with real kids where very little is perfect, in the Next catalogue sense of perfect, but to us it is perfect. To us, that is all that matters. I also thought back to why I started blogging and that was to provide an outlet for me whilst on shared parental leave almost 4 years ago and it’s just followed me along the way providing an outlet to share my experiences as the kids and my family grow. I love it and mostly I love having the take it it leave it relationship I have with my blog. It fits with my family life so everyone’s a winner.

Yes we can occasionally waltz into the pristine world of perfection on special occasions but it’s not real and we don’t have time. There’s a life to be living and memories to be made!


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