My back to work transition and faux pas!

My back to work transition and faux pas!

Having now been back at work for three weeks after my long spell as a stay at home dad there are a number of observations I would like to share,

1,Having a “lets just see how the day pans out” attitude does not work, people get a little annoyed when you don’t show up for meetings and arrive and leave when you wish.

2, Naptime is no more, at least in the pure sense. It now consists of head nodding and keeping your eyes open when in group conversations, although snoring is a certain give away.

3, Eating at breakfast and lunch now actually consists of proper food and not a banana/bowl of cereal/sandwich from supermarket on the go.

4, A chorus of the wheels on the bus or wind the bobbin up will not defuse any situation like it does withy a toddler although you colleagues may find it hilarious!

5, I am now at the other end of the phone when the little lady’s grandparents who are minding her ask you to speak to her on the phone, repeatedly saying Sarah in an open environment can be quite embarrassing but has to be done or face the grandparent wrath.

6, Work social occasions no longer consist of “you know me I’ll be there” and instead have turned to “I will be there if I can get a babysitter/can stay awake long enough/could be arsed!”

7, Playing airplanes whilst having food is also a big no no, even if it does taste strangely better.

8, Nothing at all could ever replace this smile I get when I get home from work every day, PRICELESS!






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