My 10 minute love affair with the TV!

My 10 minute love affair with the TV!

Once upon a time I enjoyed a great relationship with my TV, spending most evenings in front of it watching some drama or other. We used to love the apprentice, I’m a celebrity and the occasional sports game. Then we stepped our affair with the TV up a gear when we knew the little one was due. We ventured into the world of boxsets and even renting online movies!

Then along came our little lady and the TV is now nothing more than an after thought. We watched “It’s a wonderful life” yesterday. It took us 5 attempts and almost 5 hours with breaks for changing, feeding, teething, playing and napping. Thank god for sky plus! It’s also amazing that as I am now looking after my daughter during the day I have to turn the TV off to keep her attention on the food. I await with great anticipation the days of endless postman pat, in the night garden and whatever else.

So where does that leave me and my oldest friend TV? At the end of every long day I indulge my TV passion for ten minutes in bed before usually falling asleep with a whimper or cry on the baby monitor waking me and prompting me to turn off the TV and leave our affair……. Until tomorrow…


12 thoughts on “My 10 minute love affair with the TV!

  1. I spent hours on the sofa with my kids in turn as they got older and fell under the spell of various kids programmes. I would actually look forward to Thomas the Tank Engine. Hated the Tellie tubbies.

    Yes, tellie – a great friend to parents at certain times. 15 years on, I can’t watch it now.

  2. Yup – can definitely relate to this. The TV is hardly ever on in our house anymore – and it does get switched on it’s usually on CBEEBIES! Visiting via #brilliantblogposts

    1. Yeah I find myself now watching 5 minutes of random TV during the day as its just routine to flick it on, need to break the habit, Thanks..

  3. I now feel quite sad after reading this.
    I feel like I have mistreated and rejected my long run friend. I use to, even after being a dad, at least make time for the tv an hour a night. But since blogging kicked really off with me I barely even have it on during the day now. I might, like tonight, go through my recorded back to back but its like catching up with your mate and filling all the gossip in within one conversation.
    Thanks for linking up with the #bigfatlinky

  4. I find that my early weekend mornings are my catch up TV time. The wee man usually falls back asleep when I take him downstairs to let his mum sleep for another hour or so, so that’s my TV time. SAying that I still am missing out on loads of stuff, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

    1. I can’t wait to have an excuse to watch some mind numbing kids TV. Probably better than the usual drivel on most evenings lol..

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