Moving day has arrived…..

Moving day has arrived…..

Hi Guys,

Having spoken for a while about migrating to self hosting I am now taking that step, my new site will be, please come and visit me soon. Hopefully if the process works well it will be all up and running in no time. It is however 10pm and I`m knackered but need to do this now as I keep finding excuses not to…who knows, if its easy I can say I did it left handed!

From myself and Sarah thank you all for your support so far in my blogging journey 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Moving day has arrived…..

  1. Hi…once I set up my self-hosted blog I realized how much I missed the Reader and chance to happen upon a special treat – oh and people happening upon my own words. So I haven’t used the SHB much. I had moved because I wanted to figure out how to monetize my work. Never figured that out so fits me for now. Best of luck. hugs, gerry

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