Is there a “right” time to have children?

Is there a “right” time to have children?

I was at a party (yes I know I got out to a party!) recently and got chatting to someone I hadn’t seen in a long while. Roughly the same age as me. I asked who was minding his children to which he told me they were now in their late teens, early twenties!

Wow wow wow, stop right there! How did that happen, more importantly when did that happen?

We chatted some more and he told me about his fancy holidays, going out for dinner at the weekends with his wife and generally having free time to do things. Yes “free time” to relax, go to cinema, watch movies, go out for drinks etc.. It sounded fabulous, it really did. It got me thinking I’d like some of that action but wait wait I can’t, the 3,4 and nearly 1 year old won’t allow it..

More importantly however, once the middle aged hangover dispersed the next day or maybe the day after, I smiled and realised I’d had this elusive “free time” . It was familiar to me and I remembered enjoying it, a lot. From the 3 week holidays in the summer to exotic locations (as pictured below in Singapore), winter weeks away, watching boxsets and going to the pub when I wanted, me and “free time” got along just great. Nowdays with the 3 children planning an event such a holiday or trip out usually takes longer than the event itself!

Singapore holiday pre children.

It got me thinking did we do it right? Was it better to have all this fun and free time on our own pre children or would it be better after the children have grown up? What do you think? Now I do realise that children are a blessing and will come along as they please with only minor control remaining in our hands as parents and potential parents as I mentioned previously in my wrong assumptions post 

Add on top of this the societal pressure most people feel particularly when first married to have children, finances, career etc…, it really can be a minefield. So when do people think it is right to start a family?



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