Is it worth working and paying childcare?

Is it worth working and paying childcare?

r1As we are a few months away from both returning to work full time we are starting to contemplate what this means for our two cherubs.Two daughters The initial and natural thought I think is to start looking at nurseries and daycare, get prices, pick one, deal done! But unfortunately it’s not that simple.

The first issue we came across was that we didn’t actually want anyone else looking after our kids, after all they are the most precious things in the world to us. The thoughts of leaving them off all day in the care of a complete stranger seems to much to contemplate at the minute. I know that there are many many great daycare facilities and staff out there along with many more parents who use such facilities. That gives me scant solace. I also know there is the social element of daycare which they would benefit greatly from by building their communication skills whilst making friends, I think school is early enough for that though. They have their cousins to help hone their social skills anyway. In an ideal world we could just leave work and look after them ourselves but unfortunately we need to work for money to have a life.
This leads me onto the cost of childcare, maybe I live in a bubble but how on earth is it so expensive!?!? Of course they would be responsible for your prized assets all day but seriously, some of the quotes we have looked at would give you nightmares, how do people afford this, genuine question, how? There are a variety of schemes used by the government and employers to help with this which is commendable but is fractional to the full cost.

So what other options do we have? Go part time and blend the childcare? Ask relatives? Change job i.e. work on nightshift!  Or a mixture of all the above? But then this leads to another question? Which parent would become primary carer, as such, and make the sacrifices and what impact still that have on both their self esteem/worth and indeed what impact world their be on future career and employability.

As with many things in life we need to base of decision on the best interests of Sarah and Niamh and then make it work from that point.

I’m also certain that if I went back in time I’d advise myself to open a nursery or crèche or whatever and be very rich right now!

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