“I`m going to be a big sister” Baby TWO on the way :)

“I`m going to be a big sister” Baby TWO on the way :)

I am delighted to announce guys the clock is now ticking until baby number two arrives into the Funky household in August and the excitement and panic have started already..

The prominent feelings are excitement, delight, anticipation and a little bit of fear!!

The impacts we need to start thinking about are,

Hope the baby arrives safe and well and is as easy to manage as number one,

What is the impact in us, as the first one was easy is the second one always going to be a terror? Is that a myth? I have just went back to work and doing the morning/evening routine with one is tough enough never mind working full time.

What is the impact going to be on Sarah? How will she adapt to being an older sister, I’m sure she will be great when they get a little older.

Another question, do many people find out the gender for their second child? I think its practical but maybe doesn’t lend itself to the mystique and anticipation of meeting your baby.

Ok that’s that off my chest I can now breath. Anyone any advice as to any of the above?

We were quite creative in how we broke the news dressing Sarah up in a nice dress with a baby grow underneath stating “I’m going to be a big sister” which delighted both family and friends alike..



Now we just have to decide whether or not to find out the gender..

Should we find out the gender?

20 thoughts on ““I`m going to be a big sister” Baby TWO on the way :)

  1. Congrats to you all and I’m sure Sarah will make a great big sister! For me I had to know if we were having a girl or boy both times. Hmmm as for second baby being a little terror this isn’t necessarily true, having said that I must admit Holly has turned out to be rather mischievous lol.xx

  2. Huge congratulations – and fab announcement method! Almost makes me want to have another one (but 5 would be ridiculous, as would another vasectomy reversal………) xx

  3. Congratulations first and foremost.

    As a recent dad of baby number two… I can safely say, yes, the second one will feel worse, will sleep worst, will be so so so much hard work with two…. but you know what, its so worth it and you’ll love it!

    Congrats again x

  4. Huge congrats, exciting times. You’re love truly multiplies with 2 (I remember worrying it would divide) and life is busy-as Kim K’s Mum says, ‘2 is like 22’. I really need to stop watching old re-reruns of Keeping up with the Kardashians. Thanks for linking up x

  5. Congratulations! It’s good to meet another NI blogger. As a mum of 2 girls I can tell you that it’s generally easier 2nd time round however it’s more tiring since you’ve got to keep the oldest child entertained.

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