A new beginning, sort of…Updated 260115

A new beginning, sort of…Updated 260115

Hi Guys, quick first post. I have plenty of blog ideas going on particularly with the broken hand, ┬áthe baby being more mobile every day and this (anything but easy) switch to self hosted. Starting to think I should have waited longer but c`est la vie as they say. I`m going to spend a few days when I get a minute making my new site my own so there will be fewer new posts for a few days so please bear with me. For new visitors, welcome please come back and here`s a link to why I started blogging in the first place…….

Where it all began for me!

And a link to my new site,


Any advice at all around my site, what’s missing, how it can be improved and what plug ins I need woudl eb really really appreciated,


Speak soon,


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