Heisenberg, weaning and cereal..

Heisenberg, weaning and cereal..

Weaning has begun at home, so what have we learnt so far?

I had a sober insight into parenthood two nights ago as I stood blending Sweet potato I had cooked earlier, as I measured out exact portions into little bags to freeze I had a chuckle thinking how much I was like Walter white.

I have also realised it’s Universal, no one likes broccoli, not even a 6 month old, it was so bad I feel that it that’s her first memory she will never forgive me!

Sweet potato and carrots on the other hand, sure fire winners. Or maybe because I like them I just get behind them more and create better flying airplanes, destination mouth. I can’t wait to venture further into the vegetable world next week.

Add I looked beyond my perfectly portioned meals I saw my half eaten bowl of cereal from lunch and I thought, having a baby and particularly weaning is having just as much impact on my diet as hers!

Any weaning advice out there fellow bloggers?



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