Everything you ever wanted to know about Shared parental leave but were afraid to ask..

Everything you ever wanted to know about Shared parental leave but were afraid to ask..

As we approach the third anniversary of the launch of shared parental leave on 05/04//2015 I started thinking about why the uptake is so poor. Most of the online focus looks at the financial impacts but there is nothing looking at the personal impact. I’m going to chronicle my journey over the next few weeks primarily looking at the impacts on day to day life around work, family, social life etc..

So you’re contemplating joining the exclusive 1% club? You have probably read the logistics online Government information on shared parental leave or with your employer. So why do you need to read this? What is my role?

It’s simple really I have searched and have found minimal information on the reality of day to day life as a shared parental leave dad.

So, come on in and let me take you on a journey from a first-hand perspective. I feel old now, so old that the process was actually called Additional Paternity Leave when I first took it. I have an amazing story to tell which is wonderful, tiring, exciting, frustrating and happy with the occasional tantrum thrown in ( by both me and the kids).

Mostly though amongst all of the emotions I hope that it will be useful for parents thinking about taking some shared paternal leave and maybe increase the uptake which has grown from 1% at launch in 2015 to a meagre 2 % recently Recent press coverage with only a few quirks and a recent government relaunch to try to boost numbers. A quick Google search gives us factual and procedural information around process whilst some blogs including my own will give you a peek into the poop filled reality.

I hope that I will be able to help answer some of the many questions parents have about the practicalities around the impact of shared paternal leave on work life, family life and your social life. I know I had lots and lots of questions with no answers, probably why it was such an exciting journey into the unknown.

Primarily I started my blog as funkydaddy.wordpress.com before self hosting at funkydaddy.net. I started blogging One of my first posts in 2015 ref why I decided to take additional paternity leave as I thought I may need to occupy my time during additional paternity leave back in the dark ages. How naive was I believing I would have free time? I still don’t have any! Over the next few weeks I will be chronicling the real life journey from a first hand perspective, worts and all..


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