Does having kids mean you are a grown up?

Does having kids mean you are a grown up?

12 Years ago today I went travelling “around the world” as they say, seeing some amazing places and meeting some great people along the way. This morning I was chatting online with the two friends I went on my adventure with. One lives in Australia, one Dublin and me in Belfast.

As the chat progressed I mentioned how times changed and one of the guys said that looking at my pictures of my little one (8 months) and the other guys little one (4/5 months) made him think he needed to grow up. This got me thinking, what exactly is grown up?

We all have houses, careers and relationships so is it just having children that makes us as humans be “grown up”? Is there a checklist somewhere I can tick off to see if I have reached the grown up stage yet?

It then got me to further thinking,since my daughter was born have i grown up or even matured? The answer no probably not, in fact I think it has gone the other way. Not that I am saying that I am some sort of Benjamin Button character but I do feel younger and more alive now that I have this added responsibility.

I enjoyed Christmas more than ever this past year because of my daughter, I am more active, out walking her almost every day and I enjoy the “time shift” in my days where it starts and finishes earlier which to me is more fulfilling especially in winter with the short days. The key barometer for me though is the way I behave with my daughter, acting in a manner which can only be fitting for a clown, singing and dancing, playing games and finding that the multitude of noisy toys can actually be fun.

So do I consider myself to be “grown up” since I have become a father? No, or at least no more than I did before we had her……I`m off now to play the barricade game of daddy vs daughter, keeping her free from harm…..she usually wins.


Going by some of these moments its certainly a challenge to grow up with a mischievous baby around.
Comical baby moments

21 thoughts on “Does having kids mean you are a grown up?

  1. It definitely does not. Lol! I sometimes wonder how many people comment on how childish I am at 40. I am still a big kid at heart and like you I think having a child has only enhanced that. Why grow up? Being a kid is fun.

  2. It definitely doesn’t change or make you a grown up. Having kids have made me enjoy part of my inner child more. Society makes me feel more of a grown up than having the kids does.

  3. My one year old has certainly made me more responsible. I’m just as absent-minded as I was though (I’ve often gone to leave the house with my wife before realising that he’s still in his crib and has to come with us!) As far as maturity, I laugh like crazy when my little guy farts, and I know all the songs on his tv shows.

    1. I have to confess I now know the words to more nursery rhymes than ever, and quite often sing them at home ( to pacify the baby of course!!)

  4. me and my friend who is working from Singapore used to hangout a lot, now things changed, he is allowed to visit home just 2 times a year, sometimes he call or chat me, ask if we can play table tennis, but then he is back working in Singapore without the game ever happening.

    Somehow he was a mature picture, or say silent and understanding, but i can see in his eyes he is very happy to see his 2 daughters, guess he is more fullfiled than ever.

    With being grown up, not sure about boys or man ever grown up, physically but mentally its the same thing or feeling its just there are new adventures and responsibilities that are worth taking..

  5. No doubt they keep us young at heart. I feel more grown up because of the great responsibility of raising my children that I’ve been blessed with but as far as every day life goes, I feel younger for the very reasons you mentioned. Good work.

  6. Am so pleased that you linked this up with the #bigfatlinky as it gave me a chance to reread it and remember what a great post it is. Mainly because at times I can be a kid but I still forget and am in full adult mode. Reading this reminds me how fun it is to do the kids things still!

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