Do dad’s to be nest?

Do dad’s to be nest?

In the past few weeks as we await the arrival of baby number two ( now 5 days late!)  I have began to ponder if dads to be nest in a similar vein to other animals.

Why I hear you ask,  well I now have a sense of urgency to carry out tasks or chores which I have pervious let linger. Example being painting the decking,  yes it’s late August and I know we will probably get limited use of it until next year but it just felt like it needed done urgently.

Another example being me building an outdoor storage box one night under the security lights as again it felt like it needed done there and then.  I’ve never been like this and usually would be last minute dot com to complete tasks.

I’m wondering is this common in dad’s to be or is it just me? Also is it normal to tick things off to ensure I get to spend maximum time with the kids or is it since in built animal nesting instinct?!?


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