In the beginning..

In the beginning..


Best start at the beginning. I am a first time father in Northern Ireland with a 6 month old daughter.  Recently I joined the exclusive club of the 2% of eligible fathers who take additional paternity leave (APL),according to BBC news. I can verify from the confused looks I got and still get when talking about APL that the 2% may actually be an overestimate. There is just so little information freely out there for fathers considering this.

I started to think shortly before starting APL about what  could I do to occupy myself and my mind when I get the odd half hour here and there throughout the day and Thought…………………. I`ll start a blog! Primarily I`ll be focusing on APL and my experiences around work, friends, lifestyle and routine but I`ll also be looking at my journey from the day the little lady was born up to  now and beyond.

So get ready for my experiences of all things parent from parent/toddler clubs to daytime TV to sleep and lack off. I hope that my blog will be informative, useful and occasionally entertaining……….

Find out how I got on a  short time later  Five blogging lessons so far,a month later

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  1. Aaah — huge congratulations! On both, the birth of your daughter and your paternity leave!! It’s time you’ll never get back and the fact that you’ve got to spent it with your little one, in the early days, is absolutely priceless. Best wishes x #brillblogposts

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