Covid, through the eyes of my children.

Covid, through the eyes of my children.

Throwback to the poem I had written at the start of Covid lockdown in March..

“I wake in the morning, it`s later I feel

The house is so quiet, it doesn`t feel real.

I hear Daddy waking and jump out of bed,

I know there`s no school but what lies ahead?

We go to school in our house, the lessons are fun,

I do miss my friends though since “this” all begun.

I don`t know what “this” is, it`s not very nice,

We must stay at home though and follow our parents advice.

We`re out in the garden, I hear a loud noise

I look up at the sky and see a plane, oh such joy.

We haven`t seen many in recent times,

The noisy engines are now natures chimes.

It can be boring in the house, despite all of my toys,

I get to play on my tablet which I really enjoy.

We can`t see our family which makes me feel sad,

But we talk to them on the computer thanks to my dad.

We go for a walk or a cycle around our street ,

it`s so lovely and peaceful, few cars do we meet.

Then its all off to bed for a great nights sleep,

No stress and no worries, and no need to count sheep!


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