Controlling your heating, saving money and helping the kids sleep!

Controlling your heating, saving money and helping the kids sleep!

As I watched my Facebook timeline this past few days of extremely hot weather lots of parents were posting pictures of the temperature in their children’s bedrooms I began to think about a product I bought late last year. This was to help me manage control of heading off temperatures in my house and also how to save money (in the long-term) this (picture)was around 8.30 pm and it never dropped below 23.5 overnight.

So everyone wants to save money, yeah? Thought so.

As my children began growing up I became more intrigued with how to regulate their room temperature. Do I use a grow egg? The temperature from their wireless camera? Do I put the wireless thermostat into their room, and if so which room, Sarah or Niamh? As every parent knows we need to eliminate any chance of your child waking during the night including temperature, particularly when they’re moving initially into their own room. Our house got warm but we survived our 2 day Northern Ireland summer!

Using my old honeywell cm927 wireless thermostat I could carry it room to room and it would adjust to the required temperature for that room, Great! But it also brought every room in the house to that temperature. Not so great if you bring it to the bedroom at night or downstairs in the morning and heat the other half to the same temperature even though there is no one there.

For example I set it to 21 and bring upstairs at bedtime. It then heats the rest of the house constantly to 21 so the living room, kitchen etc would be toasty all night when unoccupied. I could run around and turn all of the downstairs thermostats down manually but that’s just plain crazy! If I am putting the kids down for a lunchtime nap and I need to put the heating on in their rooms I need to heat the rest of the house even if it’s already warm enough.

So what did I come up with?? Honeywell evohome. Yes I did look at the variety of options available, nest, netatmo, hive etc.. So why did I choose what I did? Primarily because it gives me room by room control via a central wireless thermostat and individual digital radiator valves with the added bonus of mobile control via an app.

So what’s the link to parenting aside from the above. We installed a combi boiler a few years back with gas heating when we previously had oil. In a nutshell we couldn’t cope with oil, we need hot water on demand for the constant baths particularly when sun cream and ice cream are involved! Also as we are expecting number three soon, which will mean a 3,2 and 0 year old. We need the precision of control as the older kids can adjust their bedding etc if to warm or cold during the night but the baby will need monitored much more closely when the time comes for her to go into her cot. As you can see from the radiator valves above they are enticing to small hands which is fine as another benefit is that I can set minimum and maximum temperatures for each room ensuring they never leave a room, particularly their bedrooms, roasting ot or freezing cold.

Aside from the direct parenting benefits it’s good economic sense with a 15% and 16% reduction in usage in the past 2 quarters such means it’ll pay for itself in 2 years. Then it’ll be saving money which can be better spent on life’s essentials such as bikes, toys, sweets and in this weather, ice cream!


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