Choosing a “family” car!

Choosing a “family” car!

It’s been a while with one thing and another but now I find myself imminently (within a few months) needing to change one of our cars for baby number two’s arrival. Please God don’t let it be my beloved Volvo S40 which goes to trade in heaven in the sky!

So why do we need to change?
The Volvo could easily hold two car seats and two parents no problem but when it comes to prams, changing bags etc..we are limited by the small boot space offered as it’s hatchback.

So what do we go for?
There are just so many considerations which need addressed. cost , comfort, safety, design,boot space, does it look good? As a parent it is logical that safety is paramount but surely most modern cars offer the same/similar spec in that regard? Overall space for carrying the babies entourage is also high on the list but the more space the higher the price seems along with lower mpg.

Finally we come to the aesthetics, does it look good! Not a massive priority but no point driving a car you’re not happy with either.

I have researched and am quite happy with either an Ix35, sportage or maybe a CRV? What are your thoughts and do you have any other suggestions? Probably going to buy one which is a couple of years old.

So my question is this my good people, can I have it all and if so what car is the answer?

UPDATE; We finally got a Ford Kuga, which I must say I am delighted with as a family car, spacious decent MPG and a joy to drive 🙂



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  1. While there are differences between cars, if you’re buying a modern one as you’re planning to they’re all pretty safe in terms of passenger safety, although you may want to consider airbag numbers and locations. (To be honest, that wasn’t a big deal for us.)

    Other than that, space and practicality were up at the top of our list. A boot that’s big enough and a decent shape to hold buggies etc (cars with high boot lips – ugh). Can you fit car seats easily and get kids in and out easily? Obviously the bigger the space in the back, the better.

    We essentially changed cars as each of our three kids arrived. My wife’s Focus hatchback was fine with our first, although I traded in my two-door Audi TT for something more practical with four doors. (Sob.) When our second arrived we moved up to a Focus estate – a utilitarian choice, but it served a purpose. We hadn’t initially planned on having a third child, but when we did we then traded up to a Ford S-Max – big enough to fit three kids across the same row, huge boot that swallows up small bikes, scooters, a week’s worth of holiday luggage etc, extra fold-down seats in the back for carrying the kids’ friends or grandparents on occasion. It’s also surprisingly good to drive, although it can be a bugger to park in very tight spaces. (To be fair, 95% of the time it’s only been an issue a handful of times in 3 years.)

    One final thing. Now that our boys are 7 and 5 and capable of putting their own seatbelts on and we have the S-Max as the family load-lugger, I’ve been able to switch back to a 2-door … 🙂

    1. Thanks Tim, hadn’t actually considered Ford. I really need to get some test drives booked asap. May need to bring a measuring tape too… Lol…

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