Choosing a family car, the sequel!

Choosing a family car, the sequel!

Following on from my post looking at Choosing a family car, part 1.  I now find myself going back to it as I now need an even bigger car as baby number 3 will be joining us in October! I’ve read numerous articles and reviews from sites such as autotrader which have given me food for thought and helped narrow the choices but I’m not quite decided, just yet..

So what’s different this time, I still need to think about cost , comfort, safety, design,boot space, does it look good? Yes did it look good is still last unfortunately, the joys of parenting. Last time we eventually decided on a Kuga. Was it the right decision? Probably not. I fell in love with the Kuga from the day I started researching and it is in so so many ways a great car to drive…but.. It is limited, mainly due to space. I’m quite tall and as both children grow I find it difficult to drive in my comfortable reclined position without them kicking me or me annoying them. It also has very restricted boot space, which is at a premium with 2 toddlers and their entourages of prams, toys and the trusty changing bag. I sometimes feel a transit van would struggle to carry everything we need for a weekend away with the children.

So what goes? My 5 year old Kuga to be replaced by a larger SUV or family SUV? Or do I use this as an opportunity to get rid of my beloved 9 year old S40 and replace with a roomier saloon? These are the questions I must answer. So this is where I need your advice, yes you reading this! I have narrowed it down to a rather small shortlist and am actively watching autotrader and other sites daily for a good deal, here is my view on the finalists, what is yours?


Based on a 2 to 3 year old version,


Ford S max.

Positives, roomy, cheaper than others, decent MPG, good variety available.

Negatives, doesn’t look that appealing visually.


Hyundai Santa Fe

Positives, looks great, roomy.N

Negatives, very expensive, mpg not as good, less available


Kia Sorento

Positives, looks great (most recent model) plenty of space

Negatives, expensive, less available,


Skoda superb

Positives, abundance of space, cheaper​, good mpg, plenty available

Negatives, saloon (means getting rid of Volvo hence less trade in value so more expensive)

The key things I considered before deciding on above list was width of car (to fit 3 seats across, don’t like the idea of a 7 seat set up being necessary), economy of mpg, boot space, cost now and durability. It’s unlikely as well be changing again in the next few years so need something that will enable the kids to graduate through the various stages of car seats whilst also being technically ready for them to use tablets, watch movies/cartoons etc…Any advice greatly appreciated.




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