Disappointed when finding out babies gender!

Well it’s nearly scan time and the option to find out the gender of our soon to arrive baby and already I’m thinking should we do it? Why I hear you ask? Well it’s the constant assumptions people make on…
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My statistical stay at home dad summary!

Have had a rough two weeks to be honest and this post has been pending during that time, few domestic issues and a baby who has not slept well with her teeth and a cold/flu……..what is sleep?!? Anyway on we…
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A new beginning, sort of…Updated 260115

Hi Guys, quick first post. I have plenty of blog ideas going on particularly with the broken hand,  the baby being more mobile every day and this (anything but easy) switch to self hosted. Starting to think I should have…
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The complexities and pitfalls of choosing a name for your baby..

Having been recently inspired by a blog by Dad Life below I began to think about the journey to naming a child, Dad Life looks at the different names we acquire as we grow through life and what this…
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Perceptions of stay at home dads changing, but slowly..

Just found this excellent article from another stay at home dad in Ireland, I can relate so much to what he says in my current position as daddy day care, Gave me time to think about my previous experience…
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