Blogging, a baby and a broken hand!

Blogging, a baby and a broken hand!

Late last week I decided that with only a few weeks until I return to work I was going to move to a self hosted blog and give it a real push. Then on Saturday I broke a bone in my hand resulting in a elbow length cast on my right hand, my strong hand.

Now this raised several questions, how will I cope being a stay at home Dad with an 8 month old? How will I get around for 6 weeks? What will happen my blog, I can’t type in a conventional keyboard? Will the pain ever go away!!

I quickly came out if my mIsplaced panic and thought, seize the day and keep going! I have my family network who can chauffeur me and the little one. I’m going to press ahead with my switch to self hosted ( any transitional issues may be better coming up now when I’m not at full capacity anyway), also any advice around making the self hosted change greatly appreciated!

Thank god for swype keyboard and my patience typing this on my phone. Also thank god for my extra strong painkillers.

Finally how will I mange alone with my daughter. Well that chapter starts tomorrow so watch this space but I’m sure we’ll mange by taking our time, we have too!




15 thoughts on “Blogging, a baby and a broken hand!

  1. Any excuse to not blog! 😉
    Sounds like you have a plan in place to carry on with everything. Hope you cope tomorrow with it! It’ll definitely give you more to blog about….look forward to seeing what happens.

  2. Get well! It’s going to take some ingenuity, but you’ve got this! As for the blog, I think there’s a free version of Dragon Speak available.

  3. I know how that feels broke my wrist last October in 4 places had twins to look after amazingly you manage good luck really enjoyed your post hope the blogging goes well

    1. Yeah it’s amazing how the human body can always adapt, I’m sure as you know changing nappies single handed can be tricky.. Thanks…

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