Being a dad, what’s the job description?

Being a dad, what’s the job description?

Sarah (4 years old) just asked “do you like being a daddy?” I said yes it’s the best job ever! She then asked “what do you do in your job?” Having previously debated the name of the male parent Is it dad, daddy, father, who cares? my HR mindset kicked in and I started thinking what do we do as dads, what’s in our job description?

I canvassed and got some opinion,

“Logistics expert” very true, is a military operation leaving the house.

“Being the cook” yes indeed, one of my favourites.

“Being an entertainer” Yes all encompassing this one, dad can be a clown, a singer or even a customer. If I keep playing restaurant every night I do believe I will get my steak, chips, bernaise sauce and beer.😋

“Chief tickler” A dangerous role whereby errant arms and legs can do damage

“Negotiator” another daily job in which you deal with several irrational strong minded individuals.

“Any other reasonable request” (or demand) such as being a teacher, chef, magician or coin maker..

I’m not sure what the salary is but there’s a great benefits package including,

Long days, making the most of every hour.
Endless questions, you’re always learning.
Kids movies, you can now watch guilt free.
The sampling tax when you open sweets or other treats. (Everyone does this, don’t they?)
Free alarm clock, never sleep in again!

And by the way the little terrors are not unionised ( they don’t need it)

What do you think, what else could be on the lists?


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