Baby number three, the start of the end of blogging?

Baby number three, the start of the end of blogging?

As my domain renewal e mails continue to come I started thinking, do I really need to do this? I’ve been away for so long so what’s the point?

Before I answer that, hello! 👋

Is been too long. Why you may ask. Well it’s all down to baby number 3, Ava Rose McCann born 11th October 17. As announced when I posted about choosing a family car, the sequel We need a bigger car now! our family of four has now extended to five and I am pleased to say everyone is doing well. What I’ve learnt so far is that parenting doesn’t necessarily get easier the more children you have, but that’s a story for another day.


daughters, sisters

So why the doubt about continuing blogging?

Time, I seriously find that I don’t have any time.

Well actually that’s not technically true, when I boil it back I do have time, limited time mind you, but time. I usually fill it with endless checking of brain-dead social media. Yes I know it has a big part to play in the blogging world but everything in moderation.
So what I’m planning on doing is dramatically reducing the brain drain by spending less time on social media, mainly driven by reviewing friends/pages/following etc.. (already done so if you’re reading this and you’re on the axed list please don’t be offended)

Why blog? That’s my second doubt about continuing. Why do it? I read a couple of posts pre-Christmas, including one from what I would call blogging guru, about how they were somewhat fed up with it and disillusioned. This came from what I would get blogger envy in that set all look at what others are up to, some are monetizing their work, getting endorsements and trillions of views whilst most aren’t. What brought the bloggers back in the posts I read and what brought me back was to get back to the reason you are blogging in the first place and not get overwhelmed by your peers. For me it’s always been about blogging as something I, yes me, can do, its mine and it’s special to me. If it brings any rewards or benefit that’s a bonus. So long at I have the litany of posts and comments to reflect on at I get older and my kids grow up I’m happy.

Having just a few opportunities along the way I narrowly missed out on appearing on a massive network TV show a few weeks back to talk shared parental leave. And that in itself is why I going to be blogging for another year, at least. I’m proud of my experiences as a first generation additional paternity leave dad, I’m passionate about it and advocate it to anyone who will listen. I like the uniqueness of my position and would love boring better than to inspire a new generation of sushi at home dads and stayed parental leave dads..

So at I step off my soapbox I realise I’ve managed to finish this post so that in itself shows my plan is working!


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