Are you part of the 68% bored by your kids?

Are you part of the 68% bored by your kids?

Coming out of a few months of lockdown I’m glad my rascals entertain me all day every day… From a few years back, enjoy!

I had planned to pen a new post today on a different topic but saw this and found it extremely relevant and interesting to me. According to the UK “this morning” show today only 32% of viewers were never bored by their children,

Having been a stay at home dad for 4 months now I can quite safely put myself into the 32% who don’t find their kid boring. Of course I am never going to debate world politics, the Ukraine conflict or the state of the economy with her but does she bore me? Never. She is now 9 months and at an age where everything is an adventure, no two days are ever the same which to me means it is never going to be boring.

Yes we do play peek a boo. sing old McDonald routinely and stick to her 3 hourly feeds and naps and changes on demand which is routine, is that boring? No as I plan other activities whilst in that routine. I think if I was bored I would switch off and not be “present” as such, when she is crawling to her usual haunts, playing peek a boo etc.. and that would be  shame as this is where memories are made, not by me being mentally engaged constantly by a 9 month old.

I can 100% understand that some people find the routine boring but it is what you make of it and for me it’s primarily looking after Sarah’s well-being (including her development by playing silly games and laughing at daddy’s repetitive funny songs and gestures) and ensuring I`m engaged by still focusing on being a husband, son, uncle whilst still being me and not always a Dad. I think if you find yourself bored by your child then you need to look harder potentially at yourself and what you are doing to keep yourself and your mind active.

Sounds like a rant but here’s a prime example of the little things that stop me being bored, after having our Weetabix today I was tidying up to find Sarah had not only taken her sock off but was using it as a teething aid, as she was giggling and amusing herself knowing she had got away with it that was me hooked and the routine broken again.

If I do get bored I suppose I always have my affair to fall back on. (with the TV)
My TV love affair

13 thoughts on “Are you part of the 68% bored by your kids?

  1. I don’t get it? Bored of the routine I can understand, bored of you kids?? Presumably they pay no attention and are the parents stood in the park on their phones rather than interacting?

    The conversations I’ve ad with all three of my kids are fascinating, the things they come out with crack me up and just sitting having a cuddle is relaxing and lovely, I don’t think I could ever be bored of my kids!

    1. I think it was more geared towards they are boring to spend time with, I don’t have that option, my 9 month old shouts if I’m on Phone too long!

  2. You’re right, parenting (and children) by nature are unpredictable and could therefore never truly be boring. 68% is a big number. I hope that those who are bored are 100% bored and are it’s merely reflective of the routine of parenting that you wrote about. It’s hard to know what being a parent is going to be like until you’re in the trenches. Thanks for sharing this!

    1. That`s what I love about being a stay at home dad, the fact that everyday, whilst being somewhat routine in the essentials, can bring so many different and fresh challenges…….love it!

  3. I love it. And never would I say that there is a day that I find my kids boring. Maybe it’s an age thing….do they get boring when they get older? I don’t know. But I do so much with them, especially being a sahd that they always have something interesting going on.

  4. Nice post mate. I would be lying if I included myself in the 32%. I am only human. I get bored of our little man at times, but I will add that it is no fault of his own. As parents, we are responsible for providing the entertainment, activities and personal development opportunities to our kids, especially in early childhood. I find when I do get bored, it is more because he is also bored. Up to me to find a new approach after that fact so we are all still having fun. 🙂

    Just thought I’d put in my two cents, great post mate.

    1. Well put mate, could not agree more. I sometimes think that although silly things amuse her, even she will get bored of them eventually if we don`t mix it up a

  5. “I think if you find yourself bored by your child then you need to look harder potentially at yourself and what you are doing to keep yourself and your mind active.” – I think you are spot-on with that comment. I can’t imagine being bored of my daughter – not that she gives me the chance to be bored anyway! 😉

  6. I gotta say, it is so sad to be bored by your kids – I think my little one is the most fascinating person I’ve ever met! And great to have fun with!

    I can understand the groundhog days can be boring, but being bored of your kid… No so. #brillianblogposts

    1. I agree, they are constantly seeing and experiencing new things which is such A joy everyday, there are groundhog days yeah but they help me to catch up! Thanks..

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