And we are back, on our 5th birthday too!

And we are back, on our 5th birthday too!

Hello and welcome back!

Thanks for sticking around and popping your head in every now and then whilst I have been away.

I had some challenges in my personal life meant a break was necessary to help me get some energy back and refocus. I have decided to continue on this blogging journey for the foreseeable future anyway. I have however been making occasional notes and jotting down ideas when I was away and have content planned for the next while anyway

I also had the opportunity to review my rationale for blogging when it all started 5 years ago ( yes 5 years today 07/11/14!!)  . Back then I genuinely knew nothing about blogging and some might say I still don’t but the perspective I have gained has allowed me to focus on enjoying it now rather than viewing it as a hobby with potential to grow and get a bigger audience and maybe even monetize it in the future.

In those 5 years however it seems that men are still not getting a great deal when it comes to paternity leave

My view now and two additional children later is that I will keep blogging until I stop enjoying it, free from plans and timelines. If it grows it grows, if it doesn’t, so what. During my break I muted several pages and bloggers I follow and whilst I have started the process of renewing these links the quiet helped me realise that you can’t compare apples with oranges, my blog will never be perfect as I don’t have the time, energy or commitment.

So what’s that mean moving forward?

I plan to add new content when I can and only when I feel it is relevant.

I plan to revitalise some of my most engaging posts and refresh as they are either currently relevant or are timeless. (Brexit for example…..zzzzz)

I plan to start walking and look around rather than running through new posts constantly. I plan to engage more with the blogging world and review data. I didn’t do enough of this previously as I focused on content rather than the blogging network/community. On this note I received several requests to do guest posts on my blog or for me to do some for others in the run up to my break which I never replied to due to personal circumstances. Apologies and the door is now open for those.

So thanks again and here`s to the future and hopefully another 5 years!


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