And so it’s to be two babies, two daughters..

And so it’s to be two babies, two daughters..

Having had a few distractions in recent weeks I can now reveal that I’m going to have two daughters come August. Two under 15 months,  What have I let myself in for!  Following on from my previous post on finding out the gender of our baby I can honestly say I’m delighted, and maybe even a tad afraid!

As Sarah reaches her first birthday this weekend I can see her character really coming through, it in other words she had me wrapped around her little ( very little)  finger.  And this is the fear, how will I cope with two little ladies doing the same thing?

We’re delighted that they will be so close and journey through life together as best friends, they will laugh, learn, love and grow at the same time. So many fun times ahead… But…

Then I start to ponder the potential issues which may come along with two girls,

Them vs me! (All 3 of them)

All said and done though, I can’t wait!


4 thoughts on “And so it’s to be two babies, two daughters..

  1. Wow. Two girls, 2 sets of boyfriends and weddings etc. Good luck pal. Chloe and Ciaran are 21 months apart and Gillian didn’t get a moments peace!

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