An ode to the school run.. My poetic ramblings.

An ode to the school run.. My poetic ramblings.

Being new to the whole school drop off thing I was inspired to write a post, then it became a poem as my mind wandered amongst the various ramblings of my 2 and 3 year olds. Topics ranging from dinner to dogs to holidays to school to after school to parks… The list goes on but you can see how I needed to close my mind to protect my sanity.  I think my poem could have been written about someone like this.. Teacher knocked down outside school

Here goes

As we sit in the morning flow, red brake lights we’ve all got somewhere to go. Preparing to parachute your most precious asset, your manners you seem to forget.

I see you as you’re running late on your way to the school gate. You chop and change with no indicator, it doesn’t matter you won’t see me later.

As we squeeze down the narrow street I cringe from my high up seat. I wonder how your corsa can’t get through whilst the other car did, an X5, It was blue..

I think of my mirrors and their everyday fight and wonder if this may be their last, it just might! The lollipop person tries their best to control the parent swarm, released from their nest.

After our drive and hugs goodbye I head for home, a lot quicker this time, at least for some. As I reflect I think of me too, then I realise school drop parent…..I am you!


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