An Easter holiday with a little piece of Irish history!

An Easter holiday with a little piece of Irish history!

We recently took a trip to Dublin over the Easter holidays. Nothing new for us grabbing a quick weekend away when we’re both off but this weekend coincided with the 100th anniversary of the Easter rising which meant it was going to be busy with hundreds of thousands expected in the city on the Sunday for the ceremony and celebrations.

So why go to Dublin then if we knew it would be so busy? Simple really, primarily we  wanted to go away with the kids but also wanted to experience the buzz of such a large scale event Coverage from RTE of the event . Maybe one of the biggest reasons though was to experience a little bit of history, I’ll certainly never see the 200th anniversary, Sarah and Niamh have a much better chance. I know if it had been me and I was studying history in school in later years I’d love to have been able to say I was there at such a huge event, even if I can`t remember it!

The event itself was very impressive particularly the fly overs  and surprisingly we managed to get a good vantage point, even with our double iCandy pram which, whilst a brilliant pram, can resemble an LGV. Niamh slept through most of the 2 hours of the parade whilst Sarah was patient, having the odd look at what’s going on in between playing with her granda and aunt and uncle who were brilliant the whole weekend, making the job of being away with two under two a lot easier than our normal holiday experiences with kids. The changes in holidays after having children.

Once we saw it starting to finish, we headed off to grab some food and more importantly baby changing, that’s when we saw the oasis of TGI Fridays just around the corner, and surprisingly it was empty, at least it was when we arrived. Shortly after this the heavens opened and it was great to be inside enjoying the food and one or two beverages. So what did we learn from this? That it`s ok to take children to such large scale events, although planning every waking and sometimes even sleeping hour is vital (not my strong point). If you are going then stay a little but further away as we saw some videos from people who stayed on the parade route and it was noisy to say the least from early in the morning to late at night. And finally I must admit it was a learning for me to think why not rather than why, we only live once and if you get an opportunity to see a once in a lifetime event take it, if not for you then for your children, the future!


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