All in good time, the rush for baby milestones..

All in good time, the rush for baby milestones..

We’ve all been there. You’re talking about your child’s first crawl or step or tooth or word and someone chips in telling you how little Dylan or Emily or whatever did that ages ago. You start to question yourself and your child, should they not be walking out talking by now? Should we speak to the doctor….HELP!! It’s not as if having kids is a breeze at the best of times The hidden complications of having children.

As a father of 3 I have found that the biggest pressure is obviously with child number one and this pressure gradually decreases with child number two, three etc.. For example Niamh ( number 2, no pun intended), point blank refused to potty train for a few days.. left it a week or two, jazzed up a reward box for successful potty use and hey presto we moved from nappies to toilet in a week.

Why do we do that? What’s the need to be the quickest to reach those key milestones. They’ll all come along, eventually. I was watching Michael McIntyre covering this recently in a stand up show where he pointed out that you don’t see grown up adults crawling you into wine bars and ordering drinks as they hadn’t learnt to walk yet!

If we extend that you can see that the other milestones are all met in good time. I mean you, yes you reading this, have learnt to read. I’m assuming you’re potty trained and can communicate. So we’re all intelligent enough to develop but yet our irrationality is never far from the surface when we hear Jenny from account’s daughter did her first potty poo at 18 months.

Incidentally I was in a furniture shop at the weekend and the salesperson was telling me with great joy about their grandchild’s first potty poo and the subsequent WhatsApp pictures..I didn’t ask to see them but laughed as I’ve seen plenty of those on my phone in recent years.

(On a sidenote I recognise that some people have medical conditions which can restrict the development mentioned above)


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