A picture perfect moment it cetainly was not!

A picture perfect moment it cetainly was not!

So we decided today it would be a good idea to have a stroll along the local Lagan towpath and feed the ducks on a first such occasion as a family of four. Armed with a full loaf of bread approaching its sell by date we approached a quiet peer and started to break up the bread gradually encouraging some of the ducks and swans to approach as my wife and kids stayed back. I quickly was surrounded by a swarm of ducks and swans causing great laughter and tears from the Family behind me, still can’t work out who was laughing and who was crying!


I quickly realised that time was of the Essence and began hurling full slices across into the water to force a retreat from my hungry companions, this worked temporarily until one of the slices almost landed on the head of an oncoming and unexpected swimmer. Today can only be described as cold, dark and murky and the river wouldn’t have looked out of place beside the nuclear factory in the Simpsons! Now every time I reach into the bread cupboard my 19 month old laughs uncontrollably, I swear she knows! I swear she knows!


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