A bell, a bauble and a baby at Christmas!

A bell, a bauble and a baby at Christmas!

What a magical day yesterday as we saw the delight on our Daughters face as she saw the Christmas tree at home for the first time. She even had her own special bauble and bell  to place on the tree and being the clever girl she is she picked where she wanted them (down around her height!).

heather letter 012 heather letter 011

What a great day and I feel brilliant knowing that we made the right decision for me to go on to additional paternity leave at this time. Personally I cant wait for Christmas to be magical again this year as we see it all through Sarah`s eyes on her first year. She even got to put the fairy on the top of the tree 🙂

heather letter 006

After all the hard work it was time to relax with a  book before bed.

heather letter 004

Now we just need to be careful as to how she flips around on the floor (not crawling yet but its only a matter of time) in case she pulls the tree down! Ho Ho Ho…….


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