4 learnings from 4 weeks shared parental leave.

4 learnings from 4 weeks shared parental leave.

As I am now in my 5th week of shared parental leave I thought I would share some of my learnings so far with two daughters under two,

1, ITS AWESOME! No but serious its fantastic and one of the best decision we have ever made as a family, yes it can be taxing at times and there are no clocking off times or lunchtime when you can switch off but the smiles and giggles make it all worth while as does watching them grow more and more every day.

2, I`m not going to die from lack of sleep. With Niamh teething her sleep can be erratic and with the change in clocks recently it has been difficult to stabilise Sarah’s sleeping pattern ( it is getting better though). So what I do is be prepared to be up at several stages of the night, if I`m not that’s a bonus. I bought a fitbit surge fitness tracker to help monitor this and as you can see its challenging at times but we all get up and get on with it. sleep

3,Despite the lack of sleep we all love getting out and about, again the fitness tracker helps track our movements but going to the park 2/3 times a week and the children’s play groups really helps keep us going and giving us the energy to make the most of everyday. Rainy days can be tedious though, there’s only so much indoor play areas I can handle, even Sarah gets bored. Pushing our iCandy apple to pear helps me with the whole fitness angle, as you can see its great but can resemble a HGV when walking.

pram 2

4, There is still so little information out in the public domain about shared parental leave and its logistics. I still get incredulous looks when I am chatting to people about what I`m doing. A lot of these people would be eligible but have either never heard of SPL or didn`t know enough about it to give it any serious consideration.

Thats` me for now, I`m sure I`ll continue learning in the coming weeks as Sarah and Niamh continue to grow and develop. what that entails who knows but I am certain we will have a blast!


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