Our big Radio debut!

Following on from Our big screen debut last October we were today invited to take part in an interview on a local radio station, Radio Ulster. The topic of the interview was inequality around childcare with a recent report suggesting women in Northern Ireland do more than double that of their male counterparts whilst in the Republic of Ireland it indicated that men do as little as 7% of childcare. Being in my position, a week away from starting my second period of shared parental leave,

I was delighted to give my views and have my voice heard. It’s important for me to promote shared parental leave as I believe it’s truely priceless time which you can never get back. Apologies for the background noise as Sarah wanted hey voice to be heard too! Think they may have heard her without the microphone..

Our big Radio debut!

Hope you enjoy, it’s timed at 1.54.30. in the clip.

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