Monthly Archive: February 2015

“I`m going to be a big sister” Baby TWO on the way :)

I am delighted to announce guys the clock is now ticking until baby number two arrives into the Funky household in August and the excitement and panic have started already.. The prominent feelings are excitement, delight, anticipation and a little…
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My statistical stay at home dad summary!

Have had a rough two weeks to be honest and this post has been pending during that time, few domestic issues and a baby who has not slept well with her teeth and a cold/flu……..what is sleep?!? Anyway on we…
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Hotels, holidays and the pre/post baby time shift..

Having recently been away for the weekend to celebrate the birthday of Mrs Funkdydaddy I got to thinking about the differences between before and after baby. This was the little lady’s fifth hotel stay in just 8 1/2 months, lucky…
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A baby, Dingle and the cold!

This picture sums up how the little lady was feeling, Dingle bay the most southerly part of Ireland in early October, pretty cold. I think shes saying if you are just gonna ignore me and take photos I’m gonna try…
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