More fathers taking part time hours for more family time.

This article from the daily mail is reflective of what I have done with my paternity and is why I believe that the more fathers taking more of a role in parenting can only be a good thing, its going to take some time but its a sign that progress is being made. From my experience this can only be a good thing for the overall family unit, so long as its balanced ans suits your particular set of circumstances. It is good though that some of the traditional barriers and “cultures” are starting to thaw..




  1. Matthew

    I like the sound of that although I guess it often comes down to money more than what the father wants. Could I offered to go part time – probably not…unless I start earning a lot more. Do I want to spend more time with my children (when they are born) – of course.

    1. Daddy1 (Post author)

      Yeah it’s trying to get they balance and I suppose depends on each other’s finances and earnings. It’s good the infrastructure now gives more options though..


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