About me..

About me..

  • Hi, I’m Paul, Dad to Sarah, Niamh and Ava (3 aged 5 and under, it was 3 aged 3 and under for a while! ) We found out we were having another girl in early 2017 I`m sure you are hoping for a boy! I live in Belfast with my wife.

  • My blog is about being a father in Northern Ireland. I originally decided to take Additional Paternity leave in 2014 to support my family and achieve a better work life balance when my daughter Sarah turned 6 months.It certainly threw up many many novel experiences which is why I have started a blog. I then had another period of shared parental leave now in March 2016 following the birth of my second daughter Niamh which turned out to be another adventure for us all!!
  • When our third daughter Ava was born I had just been informed of redundancy so shared parental leave wasn’t an option! Redundancy? But you have a young family….
  • I am a HR professional when I`m not being daddy day care. You can view my LinkedIn profile here https://www.linkedin.com/in/pjmccann1
  • If you have any queries or question please contact me at P_J_MCC@HOTMAIL.COM or @FUNKYDADDIO

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    1. Already subscribed, thanks. Since I have moved to self hosted I`m unsure if my .com followers still get my updates, can you advise if you do? Many thanks, Paul..

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